Women’s Auxiliary


Women’s Auxiliary

The Fort Calhoun Fire/Rescue Auxiliary was established in January 2014.  The goals are to support the fire department as needed and promote civic welfare in the community of Fort Calhoun.  The women’s auxiliary provides general assistance to the department in planning and staffing community outreach activities as well as departmental social events.  One important goal to all members is to be available to assist our volunteers with refreshments and aide when they are called upon to work a catastrophic fire or serious emergency within the community of Fort Calhoun and outlying areas.
Members of the auxiliary are spouses, girlfriends, daughters and close personal friends of the Fort Calhoun Fire and Rescue Department volunteers.  With the loved ones spending so much of their volunteer time in training and responding to emergencies, the auxiliary fills a need for basic assistance, encouraging goodwill and establishing rapport among and between the fire department and the surrounding community.

The members are:
Jenn Nixon
Mary Gage
Cathy Ertzner
Lianne Reed
Laura Shupe
Keri Mallory
Judy Mink
Jenna Morris
Jen Ringler
Jonnie Altstadt
Peggy Dorau
Danni Thompson
Cheri Synowicki
Sara Ruthven
Brooke Daly