Fire! Fire! Fire! This was the call to everyone availabe to draw and carry all the water one chould obtain to fight the mighty strength of fire. Then a caring group banded together to form The Fort Calhoun Volunteer Fire Department.
December 18,1913 was the organzational meeting attended by the follwing men: William Bolln Jr., C.W. Clark, Louis Clausen, J.M. Curtis, Kenneth Curtis, Fred H. Frahm, William Frahm, Walter Goll, Pat Iverson, Otto Kruse, J.A. Landis, Walter Larsen, W.W. McMillan, William Nickels, Ernest Rix, Howard Rix, Henry Schmidt, William Schmidt, William Sievers and W.H. Skow.
A cart was made to carry water buckets and ladders. Another four wheeled ladder cart was constructed in 1914. In the early 1930's hose carts were obtained.
April 1935 a siren to be sounded for fire calls was dedicated, replacing the bell that had been in use since 1914.
The first motorized fire truck was purchased in 1946. The Chevrolet, at a cost of $3,611.00, was bought with donations from both rural and city. Another truck,a tanker, was added to the department in 1958, purchased by the rural district.
In the late summer and early fall of 1954 petitions were circulated to form a rural fire protection district. Upon formation of this district February 14, 1955 Edward Lorenzen served as its President for 24 years.
The old wooden City Hall and Fire Station was razed and on the site a new building was erected in 1964.
In the late 60's a weed truck was built by the men of the department.
The Rural Fire Protection District purchased in 1966 the department's first class A pumper.
Fort Calhoun joined Tri Mutual Aid in 1967. This organization was formed to help one another with more equiqment and man power fighting fires or disasters.
The need for more water in rural areas was met by odtaining an army surplus truck through the State Forestry and turned into a tanker built by the men to carry 1550 gallons of water.
A fund drive was held in 1969 to raise money to purchase a truck for a rescue squad. A van was bought and the men built a squad capable of carrying five victims. This unit was put into service in September 1970 with great pride.
Plectrons were added to the department in 1973. This is an alarm system using a central dispatcher via phone to receive alarms and in turn via radio receivers in the volunteer's homes they dispatch the calls to the proper departments.
A new siren was put into operation November 1980. It will not only be used for fire and rescue alarms but also as a storm warning.
With the additional new equipment the station built in 1964 became too small. So as to put all of the equipment under one roof a new station was built at 14th and Stevenson Streets.
With great pride and joy the department dedicated its new station on November 30, 1980. This building was purchased by the Fort Calhoun Rural Fire Protection District.
Taken from Washington County History Book 1980
Fire History By Jean Mallory.

1980-2013 History Coming Soon!!

Fort Calhoun Fire Department Honorary Members
Cecil Scott
Randy Magill
Tom Lanouette
Floyd Schmidt
Adam Ohrt
Gordon Mallory
John Camenzind
Rolly Bowser
Rich Johnson
Ben Lichtas
Bud Lanouette
Pat Wolff
John Schmit
Stan Gage
Chris Gage
Lenny Baxter
Craig Pakieser
Jeff Bowser
Ray Willis
Pat Barnes
Joe Scott
Bill Fitzgerald
Mike Robinson
Jim Gatreau
Michael R. Smith
Harold Swanson
Mike Mallory
Ralph Givens
Dick Baxter
Bryan Carter
Leroy Nelson
John Page
Stuart Freburg
Scott Mantz
Geane Fitzgerald
Mike Stephens
Mike Smith
Marty Schmitt
Travis Benne
Brent Grove
Jon Casey
Dan Mallory
Ralph Perkins
Lee Anderson
Jim Morley
Pat Mallory
Phil Brazelton
Pete Gepson
Pete Gunderson
John McNamara
Amanda Hager
Derald Lucht
Bob Welsh
Randy Schrum
Randy Johnson
Duane Richman
Paul Oestmann
Devin Walentine

Past Apparatus

1913 Man Ladder Cart
One Hose Cart
One Chemical Cart
1946 Chevy Pumper
1949 GMC Tanker
1952 Diamond- T Pumper 500/1000
1958 Ford Tanker 500/1050(1250)
1965 Ford American Pumper 500/500
1952 M-35 Tanker 200/1000
1984 Pierce Dash Pumper 1500(2250)/750
1980 Pierce Pumper/Tanker 1500/1000 Used
1995 Freightliner Pumper/Tanker 1000/1500
1999 Pierce Quantum Pumper 1500(2250)/750(814)/30A/30B
1999/1984 Pierce Dash Pumper/Tanker 1500(2250)/1000 was 750
2014 Sutphen Pumper/Tanker 1500/1000/30A/20B

Grass Rigs
19—jeep c3 30/100/150
1960’ s in t 30/100/150
1980’s power wagon 120/260
1994 Dodge Ram 3500 120/260
2008 Ford F-450 ___/250/10
2016 Ford F-550

Squads/ Utility
1970 Chevy Step Van
Late 1970’s Dodge Van EX- Arlington 510
Late 1970’s Ford Van
1984 Ford Van Collins
1994 Ford E-Super Duty/ McCoy Miller
2000 Ford F-350 Life/Line Type I Paraliner
2006 Ford F-450 Life/Line Type I Paraliner
2012 Ford F-450 Life/Line Type I Paraliner
2017 Ford F-550 Road Rescue Ultramedic Type I

Other Rigs
2008 Polaris Ranger
2011 Tracker Grizzly 1860 CC

Pickup Trucks
1970's Dodge
1997 Dodge Ram
2012 Ford F-150