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Fire Safety Essentials

All U.S. homes should have working smoke alarms. The combination of working smoke alarms and home fire sprinklers lowers the risk of death from fire by more than 80%. In the event of a fire, escape first - then call for help.

Smoke Alarms
Fire injuries and deaths can be prevented. A few easy steps can save your life!
Install a smoke alarm on every floor of your home, even the basement.
Install a smoke alarm outside every sleeping area.
Ideally, install smoke alarms in every sleeping area, too.
Test smoke alarms monthly.
Change the batteries at least once a year-maybe at Daylight Savings Time or on your birthday.
Teach children what your smoke alarm sounds like and what to do if they hear it-get out and crawl low under smoke.
Never disable a smoke alarm (like for cooking smoke).
Consider alarms with hush buttons.
Never remove a smoke alarm battery for some other use, like a radio or video game.
Keep smoke alarms clean. Vacuum them often. Replace smoke alarms after 10 years.
Choose smoke alarms that come with 10-year batteries.

Escape Plans
Fires can be prevented. A few easy steps can save your life!
Make and practice a fire escape plan. Plan for two ways to escape from each room.
Plan for everyone in your home-including babies and others who need help to escape.
Pick a place to meet after you escape to check that everyone got out.
Practice your escape plan every month.
Practice getting out with your eyes closed, crawling low to the floor. Involve children in making and practicing your escape plan.
Teach children to never hide during a fire-they must get out and stay out.
Clear toys, boxes, and other debris from exits.
Check that windows open easily. Fix any that stick.
Be sure that security bars on doors and windows have a quick-release latch, and everyone knows how to open them.
Never open a door that feels hot. Escape another way.
Escape first, then call for help.

Get out, Stay out!
Fires can be prevented. A few easy steps can save your life!
In a fire, get out right away.
Don't pause to gather belongings.
Teach children not to hide, but to get out right away.
Escape first, then call for help.
Never go back into a burning home for any reason.
If someone is missing, tell firefighters - they are trained and equipped for rescues.

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