A board of five elected persons comprises the governing body of the Fort Calhoun Rural Fire Protection District. Members are elected to staggered 4-year terms at elections held during the annual meeting each spring. Any registered voter living within the district is qualified to serve as a board member and to vote in the annual election. Board meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm at the fire station.

The Fort Calhoun Rural Fire Protection District was formed in 1956 pursuant to state law enabling the formation of such units of local government. Nebraska Statutes 35-501 through 35-536 deal with the formation, composition, and powers of fire districts and their boards of directors.

The Fort Calhoun Fire and Rescue Department, comprised of a volunteer force, is organized as a subdivision of the District and acts on behalf of the District Board to serve the fire and rescue needs of the District.

As a unit of local government, the District may levy a tax on property of the district to support the fire and rescue programs of the volunteer fire and rescue department. The annual budget hearing occurs at the September meeting.
In the year 2000 the City of Fort Calhoun was merged into the rural district.

The members of the Fire District Board of Directors are:

John McNamara, President
Term ends April 2019
On Board Since 2002
Tom Macdissi, Vice President
Term ends April 2016
On Board Since 1996
Larry Kusek, Secretary
Term ends April 2020
On Board Since 1979
Paul Oestmann, Treasurer
Term ends April 2018
On Board Since 2013
Michael R Smith, Member
Term ends April 2017
On Board Since 2012